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Can you really get Top Dollar for Your Home?

The kids are all grown up and out of the house. You’ve decided to down-size. It’s just too much house at this stage of your life. You bought your home brand new — in 1975. A lot happens to a home over the decades. Some of it is obvious: The kitchen and bathrooms are dated. It was built before everyone fell in love with “open concept” living.

Some of the things that have happened to your home over the years can’t be seen by the naked eye. Time and weather can cause homes to shift which impacts the foundation, the floors, and the walls. You’ve noticed some cracks here and there. But, it doesn’t seem so bad. Your HVAC system isn’t that old. The roof — well, you’ve been patching it for years. It never was the right time to fork over $15K to replace it.

Many homeowners don’t think about their plumbing system until something breaks. They don’t have a professional plumber inspect their system each year. Sometimes there are leaks in the walls and you don’t even notice. It does smell a bit musty in the bathrooms, but you’ve gotten used to it. Mold could be growing in the walls and you don’t even realize it.

Then there’s electrical. Your fuse box may no longer meet code. Do you know if you have aluminum wiring? It was widely used in the 1960s and 1970s because it was cheaper than copper wiring. Unfortunately, it is a softer metal that tends to overheat. Making it a fire hazard. Even newer homes could have aluminum wiring, if it was used in a remodel or addition.

Then there’s the dreaded termite infestation. Those little guys like to hide. They also like to eat the wood in your walls and under your floors. This weakens the very structure of the home. This is another thing that homeowners should have checked out every year, but usually don’t. If you catch a termite infestation early, a professional bio-pest company can get rid of them. Before you have to tent the whole house.

You’re thinking, “I’ll just pretty up the kitchen and bathrooms. Everyone says kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.” That could work. Until the buyers have the home professionally inspected. Some of the problems they discover could involve ripping out the pretty new granite countertops and updated cabinets. This will likely force you to lower the price. You’ve spent thousands on upgrading your home seemingly for nothing.

Before you make cosmetic fixes to an older home, you should consider having it professionally inspected. For about $400, an inspector can come and identify any hidden issues before you put the home on the market. (You will have to provide that inspection to any prospective buyers.)

A good real estate agent can tell you the current market value of your home in as-is condition. They can give you an idea of what repairs and upgrades make the most sense. They often have relationships with local vendors who can provide quotes.

Homebuyers who are not investors (known as “retail” buyers), are often skittish about a home with major problems. They just don’t want the headache. Even if they are comfortable with a “fixer-upper” the bank may not give them a loan for a home that has too many issues. But, there are other options. There are companies who will buy your home for cash as-is. They can close quickly so you can move on with your life. And not spend one more dime on your home.

If you live in Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding cities, PDuran can help. They will evaluate your home and give you the best as-is cash deal possible. They also offer a way to list your property on the market with Cities Real Estate. This broker specializes in helping those who need to sell their home quickly, but who have major repairs that they just can’t handle. They will give you a deep discount on the commissions and other costs related to selling a home.



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